Don’t Meditate

Meditation can be daunting. 

Perhaps, don’t meditate.

Just try being still and quiet for three minutes, maybe five. 

Don’t wait until the dishes are done or the laundry is folded or the inbox has been emptied. Just choose a quiet place and time and give yourself a few minutes.

Maybe sit at your table where you’ve gathered over the years with friends and loved ones.

Or in your favorite comfortable chair where a book or film has moved you to tears.

Or even on the foot of your bed…

Near a window is particularly nice.

Just be still and quiet for five minutes with no device, book, craft, chore or even lover at hand.

Don’t try to meditate. 

Don’t try to count your breaths. 

Don’t try to do anything. 

Just be still and quiet for mere minutes;

allowing your mind to wander any which way it will. 

Be gentle with yourself. 

Notice your noticing. Has your mind wandered to a task that needs doing? 

Thank your mind for its concern for the work of the world.


Notice where you are sitting, are there sounds or sights distracting you?

Thank your senses for being alert to the world.


Notice how your body feels. Are your legs feeling wiggly? Does your nose itch? 

Thank your body for giving your spirit access to this world.


Quietly whisper “thank you” into the room.


Say thank you again.


When you are ready, welcome yourself back to movement and activity.

Next week, if you are ready, sit again, perhaps for 10 minutes.

Author: Kimberly

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