Nasty women in the bible, I love you

Here is a partial list of nasty women in the Bible. Please feel free to add the names and stories of other such nasty women of faith.


Shiphrah and Puah
Midwives committing acts of civil disobedience

Judge, warrior and prophet you predicted the defeat of the Canaanites – by one nasty as hell woman, Jael.

Prophet comfortable speaking truth directly to the religious authorities of the day.

Left her own people, lost everything, loyal even when mama-in-law bid her go.

Sexually harassed by creepy, spying elders. Being a nasty woman, she refuses their advances and refuses to be blackmailed. Gets arrested and sentenced to death. Found innocent.

Risked her life, and lost her marriage because she refused to be treated like property by the king.

Being a shrewd, cunning and patient woman, took on most powerful men in the region and prevented genocide of her people.

Pretended to be a prostitute for a dumb, horny man of power so she could have a royal rug rat. Man of power who used her, could not pay her, later orders her to be put to death for the very thing he used her for. Because she was a smart, nasty woman, was able to save her life and the life of her unborn child because the asshat couldn’t even pay her for her services…

Mary Magdalene
Defied societal norms to be a disciple of One who would later be executed by the state at the behest of the religious authorities.

Sassy Samaritan Woman
Spars jovially with Jesus at the well, learns something worth sharing and returns home as first evangelist in John. Preach it sister!

The Syrophoenician Woman
Talked back to Jesus who was being a bit of a xenophobe when he called her dog. Guess what Jesus said to her for her nasty
sass? “O woman, your faith is great; it shall be done for you as you wish.”

First woman recognized as a female disciple. So beloved by her community and the other disciples, that she was snatched from the claws of death to keep on keepin’ on.

Priscilla, Lois and Phoebe
Women be silent in church? Nah – these nasty women schooled the hell out of men and spoke truth to power.


Author: Kimberly

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