Our Sacred Nature Retreat 2024
After a wonderful first year of planning, hosting and enjoying Our Sacred Nature Retreat, we are already planning next year’s retreat in a new location – Eureka Springs, AR.

At Our Sacred Nature, a weekend sanctuary emerged for LGBTQIA+ folx from Arkansas, Colorado, Washington State and The Netherlands! Together we created a momentary refuge for in the verdant embrace of the natural world, honred our voices, and allowed our stories to intertwine with the eternal rhythms of the universe at Ferncliff Retreat Center.

What did some of the participants have to say?

“I was invited to come in a different capacity, where I was someone different with different priorities none of which being myself. However, life changed for me and I was quickly forced to make myself a priority.

This past few months I have felt and ache in my heart that I cannot shake. Some days are better than others and some days don’t feel like they could go quickly enough. This weekend taught me I am not alone in this, nor am I an imposter to the community I have been in for many many years, that perhaps these decades of being an ally and advocate for other queer people, I was silently being an ally and advocate for myself.

This weekend, was in a few words, life changing for me. I am full of gratitude and while I am still grieving, I am finding the pockets of peace and joy.” – MJ


“I experienced the most peace that I have felt in a long time when attending the retreat! Thank you for provide such as safe and compassionate space!!” – HK

“The environment was beautiful and peaceful. The invitations were accessible and optional. There was no pressure. It was a weekend of kindness and acceptance and some much needed quiet, stillness, slowness, and reflection.” KL

Whether you seek quiet introspection or spirited connection, you are invited to save the date – October 24-27, 2024 – for next year’s weekend retreat held by and for LGBTQIA+ folx and our dearest allies in Eureka Springs, AR.

During the day we will immerse in forest bathing, gentle yoga, sound baths and labyrinth walks. In the evenings we will gather in the warmth of communal fireside conversations where your story is honored and your presence cherished.

Wherever you are on life’s journey, you are invited to experience the profound beauty of both the outer landscape and your innermost self.

Author: Hazel