Can you remember the last time your toes felt the tickle of tender grass or the smoosh of sweet mud? When was the last time you smelled rain? Did you notice the many different shades and tints of green lately? Time to go outside! Whoever we are, wherever we are on our life’s journey, spending time outside with our bodies in motion is a great way to gain new perspective. 

Set aside at least an hour for this practice.

Download and print the simplicity saunter grid to paste into your journal.

Dress comfortably for walking on natural terrains. Bring a water bottle, but little else so you are unencumbered for your walk. If you walk with a friend, prepare beforehand for spending this practice in silence. Chat on your way to your sauntering spot and share your experiences on the way home, but while walking, try to stay away from friendly chit-chat. Give yourself the gift of engaging your senses more fully to connect deeply with the natural world.

You are invited to silence and pocket your mobile device, so before you head out, please let folks where you will be and that you’ll be unavailable for a while.

Upon arrival take a moment to carefully observe your surroundings, noticing who might be around and what sights or sounds will help you navigate your saunter.

Take a deep breath

  • Turn to the north and thank your heart for beating this day.
  • Turn to the south and thank your body for bringing you safely to this moment.
  • Turn to the east and thank your spirit for curiosity and openness.
  • Turn to the west and thank your mind for awareness of your surroundings.  
  • Look down and thank the earth for supporting your journey.
  • Look up and thank God for the goodness of creation.

Begin walking in the direction that feels right to you.

While walking, notice your noticing and try to find something for each item on the simplicity saunter grid.