Spring Break 2018

Spring break 2018 brought family to town and we had a blast showing them a snapshot of our lives here. We strolled the streets for Leiden, rain or shine. We wandered in wonder through magnificent museums (and Betsy and I finally got our museumkaarts). We traipsed through the early blooms of beautiful Keukenhof. We whispered our way through ancient churches. And we spent a lot of time just hanging around the house talking, laughing and even baking a Sue’s spectacular cheesecake.  Just to add an interesting twist to the week, Kim spent the holiday with a rowdy case of food poisoning, utterly convinced she was in her last days on earth, but if you are looking for a map of the best WCs of Leiden, The Hague, Harleem and Amsterdam, Kim’s your gal!  Nonetheless, a fantastic time was had by all!

We are grateful to have shared our new home with our family and feel confident they left knowing how happy we are here and that we can’t wait for them to visit again!


Spring Break with Family from Kimberly Knight on Vimeo.

Author: Kimberly

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