Tourist for an hour

Prepare for exploring your neighborhood. Take what you need to be comfy and safe, but please put your phone in airplane mode so you won’t be pulled out of the practice.

Before heading out, sit by a window for about 5 minutes observing your home surroundings, noting your breathing and settling into a calm body.In this sit time, imagine someone far away preparing for a vacation. Imagine them happily packing and checking their to-do list that is worn with years worth of planning. Imagine that they’ve scraped and saved for years to travel to your community. Imagine how their heart beats faster every time they look at a photo of where you live.

Now, go outside and begin slowly moving through your neighborhood, taking in the sights, smells and sensations of your community through the appreciatie eyes of a tourist.

What do you see that is special, rare and lovely? As you move, list (and photograph with thoughtful respect) what you are grateful for in your corner of the world.

Feel free to come back and share your thoughts and photos.