wildwood walkshops

Not a workshop, a walkshop

At Wildwood Wisdom, we are committed to supporting and empowering everyone by providing them with enriching nature-based experiences and resources that rejuvenate their spirits and inspire a renewed sense of purpose in their profession.

Our walkshops are known for strengthening cohesion, wellbeing, creativity, and mental clarity.

How might you benefit from Wildwood Wisdom?

“The widespread use of technology and digital devices increasingly distracts people and enforces an ‘always available’ mentality, causing mental fatigue and stress. Organisational studies suggest that getting away from demanding work environments and investing time in personal contact with colleagues may address some of these challenges.

Combining this insight with research showing that spending time in nature decreases stress levels, enhances emotional wellbeing, increases focus and prosocial behaviour, this study explores how team building workshops in nature lead to increased team collaboration and effectiveness.”

Designing Workshops in Nature to
Improve Team Effectiveness

Anna Schober

Take a deep breath

What are you noticing?